This is quick guide - What is seedbox? - for those who need for basic information.

What seedbox do? It provides you server client (Rutorrent in our case) which can be used to download torrents. After you can download files to your computer via FTP or HTTP downloads.
Also seedboxes provided with some third-party Apps allowing you to use advanced features, like files synchronization, content streaming etc. Each seedbox provided with own VPN connection (for two devices simultaneously).

Why you may need that?

In some countries Internet Providers might cap or ban bit-torrent traffic.

Seedbox allows you to perform all torrenting on server remotely, and your ISP will only see that you're downloading some files from some server, but not torrents. Also you can use provided VPN to hide yourself when you visiting torrent tracker sites etc.

Some places might be banning torrents too
Places like hospitals, campuses, universities, workplaces can ban torrents or cap such traffic. Seedbox would be workaround here - you'll be able still use torrents and download files with FTP or even simple HTTP.

Maybe you just worried about your privacy?

Countries have different rules and laws about content and torrents. Maybe you simply want to be in the shadows. As been said you can use seedbox with server torrenting, downloading with SFTP or some sync apps, streaming content via protected SSL protocol and use VPN for cover up your other activities online and hide them from ISP or someone else.

Private trackers require high seeding speeds to keep up a good ratio.

If you're using private trackers often regular home connection is not enough for keeping up a good ratio. Seedbox might help get better here.

You can stream content from seedbox without even downloading it!

After your torrents finished you can stream content from server remotely and watch it on your computer or other device with apps like Plex, Emby.

Advanced features

Our seedboxes provide to use some apps which allow you to make searching and downloading more automated, sync downloaded files to your computer etc.
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