If you think that FTP/HTTP/streaming speeds for you seedbox are too slow.

Try LFTP - faster multisegmented protocole. Read this article to find out how to use it:
Faster LFTP transfers

Rerouting your traffic:

It's a feature of new servers - you can reroute traffic between your IP-address (your PC) and our server (your seedbox) through different backbones. Also you can run tests to check packet loss, ping, traceroute: Looking Glass: Reroute your IP

Looking Glass page explained

For IP rerouting just switch to some non-default backbone. Then press submit:

Changing backbone to Level 3 option

You'll see this message:

Wait 1-2 minutes and re-connect to your seedbox via FTP client to check if your transfer speeds were changed.

You can test all reroute options one by one to find the backbone which works best for your connection
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