It's a second article about plex. Please, read first article to learn how to install Plex correctly: Installing Plex

After you installed Plex application in your seedbox you'll see the introduction screen. You may read it or just press Got it! button to skip this popup. Then you'll see an advertisement about paid subscription for Plex Pass service. Just close it with cross in top right corner (or proceed for the subscription if you're interested).

After this popups, app will ask you to setup your Plex Media Server. Choose a name which you like. Don't forget to tick allow me to access my media outside my home - it'll make your server accessible for the client apps. Then press Next button:

After naming the server you'll see Library setup window. Press Add Library:

Choose the type of the library and name for it and press Next:

On the next screen just press BROWSE FOR MEDIA FOLDER. You'll see this menu:

Usually all your downloads stored in folder downloads/manual so I'm choosing this folder. But if you have subfolders specifically for movies (TV shows, music, etc), choose this subfolder and the press Add. On the next screen press ADD LIBRARY - Plex will start scannig for files in chosen folder:

If needed you can add more libraries (but it also can be done later). If you're finished, press Next:

Initial setup is done! You can go by suggested link and download client apps ( or just finish it by pressing Done button:

CONGRATULATIONS! Now you have a working Plex Media Server!
Your next step - install client app for needed OS or mobile device and connect to your server. You can stream content from the seedbox now!
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