We're noticed that billing issues often happen because it's's not so obvious - how Paypal auto-payments work. In this article we'll try to explain detailed about how it works and tricky issues you may face with.||
First thing you need to understand about Paypal auto-payments: it is just a simple automation. All it does - sends some amount of money from your paypal-account in a scheduled day of the month. You're configuring it yourself and we can't manage this automation from our side (we can't change amount or scheduled day of payment). Only you can configure or cancel it from your paypal-account.

Common issues with auto-payments:

1) Why auto-payment still charged from my account even if I already paid my invoice manually or wanted to pay it from the credit balance on site?

As said previously, paypal auto-payment is just simple automation. The algorithm doesn't pay attention on circumstances, it doesn't know if invoice already has been paid; doesn't know if you have credits on site or not. It just sends some amount of money at scheduled date, as you configured it in the beginning.

2) Monthly price for my seedbox-plan has been changed (in case of upgrade/downgrade for example), but the auto-payment keeps sending money for old price.

The reason is in fact that auto-payment was configured for some specific amount from beginning. As it mentioned before, we can change the price on our site but we can't manage your auto-payments.

3) Auto-payments are transferring from my paypal, but the invoices stay in unpaid status.

This problem is more tricky and actual reasons not always obvious.. It's described more detailed in this article:
Auto-payment has been sent but due invoice is "unpaid"

Long story short:
It is a bug on Paypal's side. Sometimes old auto-payment subscriptions stop working correctly and starting to send payment for old invoices and current due invoice stays unpaid. Most often bug happens with old subscriptions which were started in 2016 or earlier, but sometimes more 'fresh' subscriptions may be affected too.

4) I have canceled your services and don't use them anymore, but auto-payment still charged from my paypal account once a month.

This one is simple - while you cancelled the seedbox you didn't cancelled the auto-payments. Sometimes it cancels automatically but sometimes you need to do it manually. Just go to your paypal-account, find this subscription and cancel it.
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