If you believe that you have been double charged for one or more month.

It is possible in two cases:
a) you have auto-payments and paid also manually;
b) you have two active auto-payment subscriptions in paypal;

In both cases you need to provide transaction IDs for original payment and doubled one. If you were double charged more than one month, provide two transaction IDs for each month when it's happened.

IMPORTANT! Copy transaction IDs as a text, not as screenshot, please. We need to check each transaction manually and it's a real headache to re-type long transaction codes from the screenshot.

If you have auto-payment and also paid manually - just provide needed transactions and ask for the refund in support ticket.

If you found out that you really have doubled subscription in paypal, please, cancel one of them to stop such double charging.

But why auto-payment has been charged from me if I already paid for invoice manually?
Because Paypal auto-payment is just a simple automation. It's not smart algorithm, it will not check if your invoice was paid already or not. It just pays at scheduled date nevermind the circumstances.
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