This tutorial will guide you through Plex installation and basic configuration. It's pretty simple, just follow my steps!

Open your Client Area and go to the Apps tab:

Find Plex application and press install. You'll see the popup:

IMPORTANT - you must have a Plex account before installation. If you don't have it, go to the Plex official site and register one ( Press the Sign UP and proceed the registration. Be sure that in this part you're putting correct account details. Installation script is sensitive to that and if app will have incorrect Plex login details, Plex Server will not work.
After you registered an account put correct login details into form and press install:

After installation finished open Plex from Apps tab or from main page of your Client Area. It will ask you for login. Choose "Continue with email" and enter same login details which you have entered in installation popup:

Congratulations! Now you have installed your seedbox Plex instance. Next article will teach you how to setup Plex Media Server after fresh installation: Setting up Plex Media Server
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