In your Client Area you need to go to the Apps tab:

Find openVPN application and install it as any other app:

After installation please don't enable SSL feature. OpenVPN has it's own SSL.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If after first install app is not working (page not loading) try to reinstall it and choose Remove Config option. After reinstall sometimes you need to wait a few minutes until the app becomes accessible.
Once OpenVPN app installed to your seedbox, you can open it from main page of Client Area or from Apps page. It will ask you for login. Just use your Seedbox Details (same username and password as for rutorrent and most other apps):

After that you will see next page. You can choose between options to download - OpenVPN Connect applications for different platforms or just OpenVPN profile only:

Option 1: OpenVPN Connect for Windows.
Download and install the application. You don't need separately download and add config to app's folder, because it goes with included profile config. After installation finished, app's icon will appear in your system tray:

Right mouse click on the icon, choose option with your hostname and press connect in drop-down menu:

App will ask you for login (by default profiles are user-locked due to security reasons). Use same seedbox login details as before and press connect:

In a first run you will see two warnings. Just choose Don't ask again and press Yes for both:

Done! You can use OpenVPN Connect application now.

Option 2: using openVPN profile config file.
You can use just openVPN profile itself. Download it as any usual config:

You can use this config file with standard OpenVPN client from their site ( or any other app with openVPN support, such as Tunnelblick, TunnelBear, Pritunl, etc.

After needed client installed, put your config file to app's configs folder. For OpenVPN 2.4.6 it would be C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config

After that config will appear in client's menu as possible option to connect.
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