Filezilla is a easy and free FTP client which is super easy to use

Easy to setup
Light on resourses
No multi-segment Downloads
Too many updates all the time ( can get annoying sometimes)

Okay lets get started

Download Filezilla Client from
For windows Filezilla (Win x32)
For Mac Filezilla (OSX)

Install it on your computer.

Open Filezilla by clicking on the icon on desktop or from your start menu.

In your client area open the tab with FTP details

We have to use  these credentials in filezilla so you need ot copy and paste them accordingly.

Put the details in your filezilla as shown in the screenshot

Put your own details in your client area.

By default torrents are downlaoded in /downloads/manual folder in your seedbox directory tree. Right clicking on files and folder will give you option to downloads/delete etc from your seedbox

You can select your option accordingly

Please note the below important information

Port 22 SFTP is encrypted.
Port 21 FTP is unencrypted.
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