Basic guide of possible files download ways.

1) FTP Client (most recommended way) :
One of most popular client apps Filezilla FTP / SFTP or any other FTP client like LFTP client

2) Direct downloads:
Open "FTP / VPN details" section in your Client Area:

Click on FTP / VPN details tab

Then choose Direct FTP or HTTP access. You'll be able to access files from main downloads folder.

Click "Open" on needed option

More recommended for private downloads. Not best option to share files, shared link might content seedbox login details.

3) Downloads within Rutorrent:

Not so convenient for private downloads, but better for sharing. In Rutorrent in lower part of screen find File Manager:

Right mouse click on needed file and choose "Share"

You'll see next screen:

You can choose duration of link lifetime and protect if with password

Then open File Sharing tab:

Right mouse click to copy link

4) Using sync apps.

We will not describe full installation and setting up process in this article, but you can use sync apps with our seedboxes such as Btsync (Resilio sync), Syncthing, Nextcloud.
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