This guide will teach how to use faster multi-segmented FTP transfer instead of Filezilla

We're providing Winscp Client to use. We didn't created it. It's a free open-source peace of software. Only modifications made byour team is pre-configured FTP details to provide easier connect to your seedbox.

Enter your Client Area and on the main page you'll see FTP client to download:

Prett self-explanatory, huh? Download, unzip, run RUN.bat

Sometimes when you run it can give you errors about 'directory doesn't exist'. In that case just move whole lftp folder to disc C:\ and run it from there.

You'll see the following interface:

FTP details for your seedbox should be already filled. Just press Login button

So press Login to connect to your seedbox. In a first run you'll see this popup message. Just press Yes and that's it:

Press Yes and you'll never see this popup again

That's pretty much it! Now you're connected to your seedbox. Usually your downloaded files are stored in /downloads/manual/ folder:

Right mouse click on the file or folder to see possible actions (download, delete, rename, etc):

Done! Now you're ready to use faster multi-segmented downloads.

This article explains how to use LFTP transfer method on full capacity:

LFTP File Transfer Method
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