You have an auto-payment in paypal and payment has been made at scheduled date, but you recieving notifications that your invoice wasn't paid.

Raise a support ticket or write to contact customer support via chat. Copy transaction ID for this issued payment and provide this ID with ticket / support message.

IMPORTANT! Copy transaction IDs as a text, not as screenshot, please. We need to check each transaction manually and it's a real headache to re-type long transaction codes from the screenshot

But why this even happened?

It's a known bug. Sometimes old auto-payment subscriptions start acting buggy and pay for old invoices instead of current due invoice. Usually it happens with subscriptions which were started in 2016-2017 or earlier. Rarely newer subscriptions may be affected with this bug too.

How do I know that my subscription is broken and doesn't work?

If same situation happens two or more months in a row; you're charged from paypal but invoice stays unpaid. That means Paypal subscription is broken and same issue will be repeated in future again and again. This would be headache for both sides - you'll need to provide transaction ID codes every month, we'll need to manually check them and manually fix your invoices.

What can be done if my auto-payment subscription doesn't work properly anymore?

The bug is on Paypal's side and we don't have possibility to fix it from our side. If subscription is broken only known solution is to CANCEL IT from your Paypal account:

We understand that cancellation of auto-payment and manual payments might be inconvenient.
Possible options to replace cancelled subscription are:
1) Add credits to your account. You can use Add Funds option to pre-pay some amount of credits on your account and your next invoices would be charged from it.
2) Change your billing cycle to longer one. You can ask support staff to change your billing cycle to quarterly / semi-annual / yearly payments. in that way you don't need to pay manually each month only once in few months or in a year.
3) Establish new auto-payment subscription. This option little bit tricky because of Paypal's restrictions. Paypal doesn't allow to re-establish new auto-payments for same product.
If you want go that way, contact support staff via chat or support ticket for the instructions & help.
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